Valet Manager

Professional vehicle management software for valet parking operations

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Easy To Use

This software requires minimal training and users can be up and running in minutes!

Awesome Design

The today screen essentially tells you what is going to happen next all day long, everyday!

Easy To Customize

Airports, Terminals, Makes, Models,Colours Vehicle Types can all be customised to suit your operation!

24/7 Support

If you get stuck send us an email and we are more than happy to help!

Valet Manager Features

Running a valet parking operation particularly near an airport can lead to bursts of activity where you need to bring your A-Game to do it well. Valet Manager has been tried and tested to be very suitable for such a time as this!

Customer Information

Customer details and their vehicles are only entered once and re-used many times to save data entry. The source of the customers can also be tracked for marketing purposes!


Valet Bookings can be entered individually or imported from a list. Both ways are highly efficient and optimised for speed!


View occupancy for the near future with all future bookings included to know if there is a capacity issue.


Run reports to see which services are doing best in the business and which ones may need attention!

Today Screen

Colour coded entries show vehicles to be dropped off or picked up on a daily schedule which includes what services are due to be completed today.


Customise price rates that your business can offer particular groups of people as well as daily sliding scales for parking fees

Pricing Plan

Valet Manager is very good value but just to make sure it is right for you please start with a trial account for a month and keep it if it works for you!

Free Trial

0. 00 30 days


279. 95 Month


2799. 95 Year


If you have questions about how to use the product there is a help page inside but feel free to contact us if you have a different enquiry.

Yes! Your data is stored in a world class data centre in Australia and managed by Microsoft Azure. The software uses 2FA logins which are mandatory. Critical data is also encrypted so it cannot be read even by our programming team!

Your account remains as it was when it expired and you can still access your data however no new transactions are permitted. It can come alive again at any time by simply subscribing for a period. Data will not be deleted unless it has been neglected for more than a year ( even then we will contact you before doing anything).

The short answer is all of them. This software uses a very powerful database that will not run into capacity problems from this sort of commercial operation as it is designed for heavy workloads.

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Why Valet Manager?

This software was designed from the ground up to move a valet operation from a diary to a computerised system in the late nineties. As more users made suggestions it was continually improved to be a very evolved and field tested product now!

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